Q: Acupuncture is painful, isn't it?!

Honestly, if the acupuncturist is trained well and is trying to treat patients without pain, you may not experience any pain. It is the case that sometimes a needle gets into the hair root and that will cause severe pain. If that should happen, please tell me right away and I will remove the needle immediately.

As a university student, we would practice inserting needles into our own body, training until we have learned to insert the needle without inducing any pain.

Q: What kind of needle you use?

Please look at pictures at treatment tools corner. Needle is disposable, and made by stainless steel. It is sterilized by ethylene oxide gas and made in Japan. Mainly I use 0.16 mm diameter needle. If you are very sensitive, I will use finer needle. Even though it is hairline needle, if you feel fear about it, I will use so called "Tei-shin needle" which doesn't penetrate your skin, but just touched.

Q: How many times should I take acupuncture in a week?

That depends on patient's symptom. If you have severe symptom, maybe twice in a week would be better. Most of cases, start treatment once in a week, then when you get better, increase the treatment interval.

Q: Is health insurance available for treatment?

Sorry, I do not use health insurance for my treatment, because in Japan, insurance for acupuncture is available only for 6 types of diseases. Therefore, I do not use it. 

Acupuncture treatment could cover more wide type of diseases than you would imagine. In addition, without using insurance, it would make therapist whether he/she treats patient the same amount of payment or not.

If your insurance company accepts acupuncture treatment, I will give you a receipt, which you can use it for applying. Please contact to your insurance company, first. I will follow what insurance company says.

Q: Why you can identify bad point without touching?

I have already written in the “Therapeutic Touch” and “Treatment Policy” section, it is because of therapeutic touch. This technique is not only I but also EVERYONE has the same ability. The difference is only you have trained to use it or not. (Some people could feel Qi energy without any training. I think most of children could feel Qi power.)

Q: There is a hole after removing the needle?

Acupuncture needle is totally different from syringe needle. Syringe needle is designed for cutting skin tissue, but acupuncture needle is not. Our needle is pushing aside the skin tissue; therefore, there is no hole behind. You can take a bath without any anxiety.

Q: Does Moxibustion make scar of a burn?

Unlike 20 years ago, from the beauty point, many acupuncturist pay great attention for burning. In my treatment, I use Chinese herbal medicine "Shi-Un-Kou" (you can see picture of it in a Pictures page: red-purple color paste) to prevent burning.

For feeling of cold, moxibustion makes very good effect. After continuous treatment, patients say they do not feel any coldness.

Also, moxibustion is very nice treatment for tendovaginitis (inflammation of the tendon sheath). I treated it by myself and I know its effects, so I am strongly recommend it to you.

Q: Why use moxibustion? Isn't it enough for needle?

To make treatment according to the patient's symptoms is the essential point of oriental medicine. It is not good to use needles for every symptom. If patient's body core is cold then proceeds needles, it makes patient colder and colder. Oppositely, when injury part has heat then use moxibustion, it gives more heat to injury part and produces more pain to patient.

True acupuncturist is who can make correct choice, which acupuncture point is for either needle or moxibustion, and he/she proceeds appropriate stimulation to patient. (Many of Japanese acupuncturists, they don't know it, so many of them proceed unnecessary stimulation or just doing massage.)

Q: Does acupuncture treatment get good result from the beginning?

It depends upon every patient's symptoms. It took months or years to become current physical conditions. Then, do you really think only one time treatment could cure it? Acupuncture treatment is not magic. It brings back your vital energy to original condition with none or minimum bad effect to your body; therefore, it takes time. Basically, it may need the same period of time you had been suffering, until you would become better. However, acupuncture treatment could help your recovering speed much faster.

Q: Acupuncture is effective only for orthopedic disorders?

Acupuncture treatment can make diagnose entire body; therefore, it covers not only locomotive disorders but also visceral organ trouble. In my case, I treat more numbers of patients with organ disorders rather than orthopedic one. 

Q: Blood stasis is bleeding from veins, isn't it?

Well, if you strongly believe western medicine or western science, you tend to think so. Often I have heard is capillaries are surrounding the entire body, so if I insert a needle, it is natural that blood comes out. If it is true, BLOOD WILL COME OUT EVERY SINGLE NEEDLE POINTS, doesn't it? In fact, it is not and in many cases, blood doesn't come out from needle points. It means, needles don't penetrate capillaries, but blood stasis was accumulated when it came out. This theory is much more logical, isn't it? If you still don't understand, you should take acupuncture treatment. HA!

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