These pictures are about blood stagnations. Usually, most patients (and acupuncturists, too) don't see it. Most of toe pictures are blood stasis come from my paralysis area due to lumber herniation. I just removed needles; I didn't squeeze the points at all. You could see how much blood stagnation was accumulated in my meridian. Some fingers’ pictures came from my patients. As you see, some people hold blood stasis in their meridian like me. You would see, how deference between each blood stasis’s color and amount were not the same.

Some pictures came from my patient is water-like clear blood stasis. I think it is very rare case.

Blood Stasis

Blood Stasis (Clear colored)

Blood Stasis (Fingers)

A patient who has just caught a cold. Stasis blood came out from the well point of the Lung meridian.

A patient who got a bowel open irregular suddenly. Stasis blood came out from the well point of the Large Intestine meridian.

Treatment Tools

Pictures below are main treatment tools I use for treatment.

Disposable Needles

0.16mm diameter, 3cm long

0.16mm diameter, 3cm long

0.12mm diameter, 3cm long

Disposable Needle Tray

Retention Needles (Patch Needles)

Spoon Needles (not penetrate into the skin.)

 Sterling silver (upper) and solid titanium (below).

This is for baby or children, and adults who are so sensitive to pain.


For direct moxa

For indirect moxa

Bumboo moxa

For Moxa-Needle

Bar moxa

Bar moxa and its extinguisher

Shi-Un-Kou for preventing the burn by direct moxa procedure

Folding box-moxa (Hand made by me)

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